Product Details of DRIVE IN RACK


Product Name: DRIVE IN RACK


Metalock Drive-In Racking Systems is the ideal solution and alternative to high density conventional block stacking. It can be designed with various depths according to requirements and allows the storage of homogenous products for each lane. The operation of such racking system is normally LIFO ( Last In First Out).
The intrinsic technical features of the drive-in/drive-thru storage systems require considerable transversal stability. We have both profile and engineering designs calculations for the safe use of the racking system. The transversal stability can be achieved with reinforcement by horizontal and vertical bracing components, or appropriate "bracing towers". The frame - load bearing structures, can be protected from accidental knocks from material handling equipment by use of impact absorbent post guards and specifically designed crash barriers. Finally, there are optional floor guide channels that help access by material handling equipment and their route inside the lanes. Designed impact absorbent post guards is the standard safely accessory used in its drivein/drive-through racking systems. This post guards comprises an angle profile fixed to the floor, and on the upper end, it is bolted with an impact absorbent rubber bush sandwiched between the angle bracket and the racking upright. The conventional design of using the upright as the post guards has it flaw in that the post guards is not strong enough to take the impact from the truck and more often than not both the post guards and the racking upright is damaged easily.

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