Products of Wire Rope Hoist

Hoist Crane-Wire Rope Hoist


Standard Specification:

Lifting Capacity 1.5~120 ton
Duty Class 60%ED / ISO: M6 / FEM: 3m
Speed Control 3 Steps Inverter (speed doubled when hook is without load)
Wire Rope Galvanized
Motor Brake Magnetic D/C Brake
Motor Protection F Class
Motor Cooling Fan Separated Forced Cooling Fan, All Time Running
Type of Hook 360° Swiveling Hook with Safety Latch, Forged Steel
Pendant Push Button IP65, 8 Points (U/D/W/E/S/N/EMS/LIGHT)
Limit Switch Up(2)/Down/Left/Right
Overload Sensor Stop Hoisting, Allow Lowering
Rope Guide Metal, Plastic and Pressing-Bar
Painting Epoxy Paint